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These standard Terms and Conditions of Business are deemed to be accepted between Market Search Limited (MS) and the Client from the date of introduction of a Candidate or the commencement of a Search authorised by the Client.

The standard terms and conditions will apply to all introductions unless alternative conditions are agreed in writing. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and MS and the Client submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts for all purposes relating to this Agreement.

Definitions and Interpretations


(1) The client is defined as the employing organisation (including its agents and subsidiaries).


(2) An Introduction is defined as the presentation of a Candidate to any employee or representative of the Client and agreement of contact or appointment, howsoever communicated for a period of 18 months.


(3) A Candidate is as an individual introduced to the Client by MS. This definition includes resulting individual, multiple individuals and team introductions arising from previous candidate introductions. In the event of multiple hires, a fee will apply to each and every individual at the prevailing rate in accordance with the fee schedule below.


(4) A “completed assignment” is defined as an offer of employment extended by the Client to the Candidate and the Candidate accepting the offer of employment.

5) The Client must agree to notify MS immediately when a completed assignment has been made and to supply copies of all documentation of an offer to any candidate introduced to the Client by MS.

(6) A completed assignment of a Candidate within a period of 18 months following the initial introduction or any subsequent re-introduction will represent a completed assignment as governed by the standard Terms and Conditions of Business as set out herein.

(7) The Client is deemed responsible and has the liability to ensure and substantiate the suitability as to the Candidate’s capability, qualification, integrity, medical history and eligibility and to obtain a work permit for the Candidate if required.

(8) Any and all subsequent hires made through initial hire (team hire) will be payable according to the agreed fees listed below

(9) MS shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, liability, damage, costs, claim or expenses howsoever incurred or suffered by the Client caused arising from or connected to the introduction to or completed assignment of any candidate.

Fees and Payment


Fees are calculated as a percentage of the Candidate’s first year total remuneration and include all salary, guaranteed and/or written indicated income and bonuses.

MS fees are in accordance as below:

1) A minimum charge of £10,000 applies.

2) Contingency appointment 25% of Candidate’s first year compensation .

3) Retained appointment 30% of Candidate’s first year compensation.

4) All other expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred by Market Search in connection with the client’s instructions will be agreed in advance with the Client.


5) Payment terms for fees are 14 days from the date of the invoice. VAT, if applicable, will be charged at the prevailing rate. Market Search will invoice in £ Sterling (GBP) unless otherwise agreed in advance.

6) Overdue fees shall be charged with interest at a rate equivalent to the Bank of England Base Rate plus 3 percent.

If there are any questions regarding this terms and conditions you may contact us using the information below:

Market Search Limited
16 St Martin's le Grand London
London EC1A 4EN
+44 (0) 207 607 3697